5 Star Review

At first I was a little skeptical about the whole “consuming your placenta for your health”, but after chatting with Jen and doing a bit of my own research, I decided to give it a try. I had my bundle of joy early in December and Jen could not have been more helpful through the whole process. Once she had the placenta I had my “power pills” within 24 hours and started taking them right away.
Being my first pregnancy, I can’t compare to a post birth with out the “power pills” , but I can describe my experience. I was taking my pills every day from day #2 after the birth of my baby. I never had any issues that sometimes come up with post birth mothers. My milk came in, baby was happy, and I never once felt sad or depressed in the days following. It all seemed to happen as it should without any distress. There is however an incident that I would like to share. One morning about 1 week into taking my pills I remember waking up and being in the worst mood ever, I was so crabby and didn’t really know why. After thinking about it, I realised that the last day or two I hadn’t actually been taking my pills like Jen had advised me to. After that day I got back on track of taking my pills as prescribed and I have never felt better since. I only wish I had more!