This is a must do … 2nd baby and 1st encapsulating and I’ve never felt better .. I’ve defiantly recovered a lot quicker and feel a lot better this time round and I truly believe it’s due to these wonderful power pills from my placenta.. it has defiantly helped with the emotions and hormones, brought my milk in quicker as well. I would defiantly do this again and would highly recommend jenny and her service to anyone and everyone having a baby. Jenny’s service is absolutely amazing picking my placenta up and return my pills to me in 48 hours was absolutely amazing …

5 Star Review 25/7/17

If you are thinking about placenta encapsulation – Jenny is your lady! Jenny went absolutely above and beyond for me and made me feel so comfortable and special along the way. The final product is so thoughtfully created and beautifully presented. She really loves what she does and it shines through from the initial through to post partum contact. I definitely feel like I have more energy this time around and I’m not so hormonal. My milk seems to be more plentiful and i’m hoping the pills will prevent me from getting PND. Thanks Jenny!

5 Star Review 22/8/17

I cannot speak highly enough about placenta encapsulation and the mental health benefits it has. I had a c section twice and doctors could never Believe how fast my recovery was.
Jenny is incredible, I first met her when I was in the depths of labour and having a difficult time. Her Calming beautiful presence helped me so much and I. Will be forever grateful.
The service she provides is Professional Discreet and extremely fast. Beautifully presented and delivered with a smile.

5 Star Review 31/7/17

If you are thinking about having your placenta encapsulated or even if you aren’t….DO IT!!! I gave birth to my second baby 6 weeks ago and came by Jenny just by chance. The thought of encapsulating my placenta weirded me out a bit but having spoken to several midwives and reading a lot of reviews I decided to do it to try and prevent PND the second time around. I have an 18 month old boy and a 6 week old girl and to say I am busy would be an understatement! I have been taking my capsules since Jenny hand delivered them to my hospital bed 2 days post delivery and my energy levels and concentration have been amazing. I haven’t had any fluctuations in hormones which I noticed the first time round, my milk supply has been plentiful and my recovery post a cesarean was super speedy.

Jenny is an amazing holistic therapist and she completely put my mind at ease any time I was talking to her. Her calm, warming personality just add something extra special to her brilliant service. Thank you so much Jenny ��

5 Star Review 21/7/17

If you have been thinking about encapsulating your placenta then do it!! Jenny was amazing and so professional! I’m a FTM and I was so excited to try this service, I tossed and turned about it, finally deciding I must! Considering Jenny’s effort and time the price is amazing!! My milk is in overflow I have to start freezing it down, my moods are amazing and really help me enjoy teenage motherhood and my recovery from hospital is astonishing 12 days post delivery I was feeling completely normal again! Jenny had the pills done with in 24 hours and delivered them straight to my hospital bed! I can’t thank you enough Jenny you’re amazing! X

5 Star Review 5/7/17

My baby was born in August and not only was Jenny my midwife, but she also encapsulated our placenta and I got 155 ‘power pills’ from it. I must admit at first I was a little hesitant at the thought of eating the placenta, but after doing some research I felt that the benefits would definitely be worthwhile to me and I decided to give it a go. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Jenny was very informative and supportive throughout the whole process and in no time at all the pills were ready. They were well presented and looked, smelt and tasted no different to any other vitamin or capsule you would regularly take. Jenny also sent me some pictures of the placenta and umbilical cord and it under going the drying process, and this made for some great keepsake pictures.
Today marks 3 weeks since the little man was born. I would say that I have felt quite alert and my energy levels have been as good as can be with a needy newborn. I had a C section and my recovery has been quite speedy. I was mindful of how my hormones and emotions could become unbalanced after birth but so far so good. I would definitely trust and recommend Jenny for her products and service.

5 Star Review

Jenny is amazing, I had my placenta encapsulated with my 2nd pregnancy and I felt amazing I have never had that much energy before and a much quicker recovery time then my first also her reflexology is amazing �

5 Star Review

At first I was a little skeptical about the whole “consuming your placenta for your health”, but after chatting with Jen and doing a bit of my own research, I decided to give it a try. I had my bundle of joy early in December and Jen could not have been more helpful through the whole process. Once she had the placenta I had my “power pills” within 24 hours and started taking them right away.
Being my first pregnancy, I can’t compare to a post birth with out the “power pills” , but I can describe my experience. I was taking my pills every day from day #2 after the birth of my baby. I never had any issues that sometimes come up with post birth mothers. My milk came in, baby was happy, and I never once felt sad or depressed in the days following. It all seemed to happen as it should without any distress. There is however an incident that I would like to share. One morning about 1 week into taking my pills I remember waking up and being in the worst mood ever, I was so crabby and didn’t really know why. After thinking about it, I realised that the last day or two I hadn’t actually been taking my pills like Jen had advised me to. After that day I got back on track of taking my pills as prescribed and I have never felt better since. I only wish I had more!

5 Star Review

Jenny truly is amazing at what she does! I received my beautiful cord keep sake and placenta print and couldn’t be more happy!! � would recommend this to all mummy’s �

5 Star Review

What an amazing experience I’ve had with my power pill maker Jenny! From the start Jenny provides a very professional and friendly service. A beautiful lady full of knowledge and a strong passion for her service. I had my beautifully presented pills hand delivered just over 24hours after my placenta was collected….and within another 12hours I could have fed the whole maternity ward with my milk supply!! I have a strong family history of depression….and I have had a perfect post birth recovery. Thank you Jenny!!

5 Star Review

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Hi im Jenny, im an Endorsed Midwife and Placenta Encapsulation specialist. Im so excited to let you know that im now working at Perth Pregnancy Centre. Would you like the same midwife throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period? Any of you lovely ladies can request me to look after you in your pregnancy and postnatally up to 6wks. Call our lovely receptionists to book an appointment to discuss options for your care and the birth of your baby. You know it makes sense to get more choices in pregnancy. Perth Pregnancy Centre is based in Clarkson, next to Ocean Keys. Check out the website for more details and all about me in Meet the Team💖 #perthpregnancycentre #pregnantbelly #pregnancy #antenatal #postnatal #postnatalhealth #pregnancyannouncement #babyboy #babygirl #knowyourmidwife #continuityofcare
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Amazing picture by @alysha The Power of the Placenta, it helps grow life, feeds your baby, gives your baby oxygen, purifys your babys blood, stores minerals, nutrients, hormones and iron. These are yours to own and take back into your body postnatally. Encapsulate your placenta for postnatal recovery. So many women report huge benefits. Before you dimiss the idea, do your research and find the right qualified specialist to ask those questions. Check out The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts and Placenta Services Australia for qualified specialists💖 Im taking bookings, all you need to do is place a $50 deposit to secure your place, no need to pay rest until I have your placenta to process. See my website 💖 Dont waste it, encapsulate it! #postnatal #postnatalhealth #mummy #mother #antenatal #womenshealth #holistichealth #baby #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #pregnant #yummymummy #womenpower #placenta #appa #appalove #perthpregnancycentre #perthmums #perthwomen
Maximise your postnatal healing experience, women reported faster recovery after birth, less bleeding, more energy, better sleep quality even in short bursts. Improved emotions and balanced hormones. Dont waste your placentas healing potential💖 Find the right Placenta Specialist for you with the right qualifications, work safe values, safe working environment, someone you can trust with your placenta💖 Check out Placenta Services Australia for a list of qualified practitioners. #psa #appa #placentalove #postnatalhealth #postnatal #antenatal #holistichealth #holistic #womenshealth #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #baby #perthpregnancycentre #perthmums #yummymummy
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Raise your Glass, Perth 6/7 Best show ever, 💞💞💞 @pink @reinahidalgo521 @pinkiesfamily