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Ways I can preserve your placenta for you

Steamed Method: 
Your placenta will be firstly washed, then steamed- this process follows Traditional Chinese methods, adapted for current times. Your placenta is steamed with ginger, lemon and a chilli pepper in the water and heated to required temperatures to kill any surface bacteria. Chinese theories behind this process believe that when a baby is born, a cold energy space is left within the body, by using ginger, lemon and chilli in the broth it is believed to refill the cold void to promote good health and well being in the Postnatal period. 
Your placenta is the sliced and dehydrated for 10-12 hrs, crushed and placed into capsules for easy consumption.

$350 – Capsule yield 120-180 depending on weight/size of placenta

Raw Method:
This is an alternative method to steaming. Theory behind this method is that the placenta maintains a higher concentration of iron, hormones, minerals and nutrients.
Your placenta is washed and sliced thinly ready for dehydration. Dehydration with the raw method is done for at least 12-16 hours and at a required temperature to kill any surface bacteria. Raw placenta can take longer to dehydrate than steamed.
This method can have risks of blood borne pathogens, requiring a specialisted practitioner, skilled in this method, to prepare correctly and minimise any risks. Clients are advised the capsules are to only be consumed by the mother. However, recent research has shown if correct procedures are followed by an APPA Certified trained specialist, there is no bacteria left on the placenta after dehydration.

$350 – Capsule yield 180-300 depending in weight/size of placenta

Click for more information regarding dosages –> New Encapsulate Me dosage guidelines

Broth & Tincture

Placenta Broth: 
If your baby’s placenta was prepared using the Steamed Method, the broth can be reserved for you.
In China, the broth is reserved following the steaming process and ingested by the mothers in addition to the encapsulated placenta. You can drink the broth on its own, add it to drinks like teas or smoothies or food such as soups or chilli. 1 part broth, 2 parts water, and a fair amount of honey make an awesome invigorating tea.
Some mothers choose not to ingest it but use it to water a special tree or plant that has been planted for the baby. However you choose to use it is up to you.

Free with Capsules

Placenta Tincture: 
The tincture is made from a high-quality proof alcohol and mixed with small pieces of raw placenta.
Placenta tincture should rest for at least six weeks from the baby’s birth day. At that time, you can choose to either leave the solids in the tincture or to strain out the placenta pieces and discard them in your chosen manner, such as burial. If you choose to keep the solids in the tincture, make sure they remain covered with alcohol.
Common dosage of 7-10 drops of tincture, which can be put in a glass of water or other beverage for the mother to drink during times of transition after her placenta pills are gone. Some women have reported using this placenta tincture for postpartum mood improvement and PMS. You can take up to 40 drops, twice a day. Follow the cues of your body. 

$40 – 50ml bottle with Capsules


Cord Keepsake: 
Your baby’s umbilical cord has been dried into a heart shape as a keepsake. Some mothers choose to include them in baby books, keepsake boxes or bury them ceremonially. What you choose to do with it is your choice.
The umbilical heart symbolises the loving bond between mother and child.
In certain cultures, it is tradition to bury the cord as a sign to keep the child grounded throughout their life and ensure they always return home.
The cord keepsake can also be shaped into a spiral, baby’s first initial or if long enough a word e.g. Love.
Please store your keepsake in a cool, dry place and protect it from humidity and moisture.

Free with Capsules

Placenta Print: 
Prints can be a great addition to the baby book or to the living room décor.
A print can be done with the blood from the placenta before processing into capsules, but if you are absolutely certain about wanting coloured ink prints, I can purchase a single use food dye for you.
Please be advised, the food dye may not be able to be removed from the placenta at the washing stage and you may end up with food coloring in your capsules, I will only perform a print this way with prior discussions and planning. 

$20 with Capsules

Other information

  • Twin Placentas $50 extra if placenta weigh in excess of 900g.
  • Gelatin free vegetable capsules are always used, however, gelatin flavoured capsules are available in Berry, Bubblegum & Lime.
  • Based in Alkimos, WA. A $40-60 fee will be charged for any pick-up/delivery over 20km from my home base. This will be discussed on an individual basis. If South of the River, arrangements/fee can be discussed on consultation.