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I want my clients to feel like they have all the best information available to them.
In conjunction with discussing any questions you may have with me, I’ve put a few links to relevant pages, resources, and research for you to access.

Understandably there are questions and uncertainty about the safety, governance and qualifications surrounding placenta encapsulation as the is no current regulations, this however will soon be changed. Armstong (2016) advises that mothers to be find a good practitioner who will have undertaken a specialist training course and follow high standards of strict sanitation, promote careful storage, strict sanitation preparation skills and that each practitioner possesses the correct training certification, food hygiene and blood-borne pathology knowledge (Weekley 2007; Selander 2011).

What makes me different?
Why choose an APPA Certified Provider?

There is a code of ethical conduct which assists The Association of Placenta Arts providers in carrying out their responsibilities to their clients, colleagues, the profession and the community. By defining and agreeing to these responsibilities, APPAC providers are required to uphold the highest possible standards in their professional competence, business practices, quality of services and personal integrity. Placenta preparation is not a fad, it is an ancient art form serving more mothers than ever before. The Association of Placenta Arts seeks to promote and protect this work through establishing guidelines for safe preparation techniques and placenta encapsulation training.

Check out my work space, specifically designed for preparing and designing your placenta products. More information HERE.

Relevant and up to date information from Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.
You can also follow their Facebook page for more.

Placenta Services Australia offers information regarding Placenta services as well as resources for parents.
They also have resources on their Facebook page.

My qualifications include:
*Registered Midwife
*Holistic Therapist, specialising in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Clinical and Maternity Reflexology
*Placenta Preparation Arts Specialist

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