5 Star Review 23/11/17

2nd Bub, 1st time encapsulating. I developed Post Natal Anxiety with my first Bub, so it was really important to me to use whatever tools I could find to prevent it a 2nd time around. I got what I was looking for plus so much more. Fantastic milk supply, so so much energy and I just felt way more balanced throughout the newborn bubble time. Highly recommend for anyone who has suffered Post Natal Anxiety or Depression, and anyone wanting to give themselves the best fighting chance of a clear headspace through the fog. Bub is almost 10 weeks old and I ceased taking my pills at 6 weeks post partum. I have the remaining in the freezer for when the menses begin again. Jenny was so easy to work with and I absolutely adore the way my capsules were presented to me. I felt like one very spoilt mumma and the aftercare was so appreciated too. Ladies if you’re thinking of encapsulating, do it, your little family will benefit so much. Thanks Jen for providing such a fantastic service, you truly are amazing xxx

Its a beautiful day!

Its a beautiful day today, the sun is shining, its getting hotter, theres lots of butterfly’s around, I love the clear blue sky!

Im sitting here at my computer though and being thankful that so many of you are now starting to book in with me and secure your place for your encapsulation early. Its great to see how organised you all are because now you dont have to worry about it. It is important for those of you who haven’t booked as yet to not miss out on the opportunity, please try and book as early as possible, thank you so much for all your interest in placenta encapsulation. Much love, Jenny xx

Mum & Baby Boutique Event. Come see me down at Eden Beach Foreshore tomorrow, happy to answer questions about Placenta Encapsulation, booking forms available too, see you there 💖

Linsey’s Baby & Kids Expo 21/22 October.

Find me handing out leaflets and information about Placenta Encapsulation at the above event at Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, Hillarys. Come ask me anything you’d like to know!

If you pay your deposit of $50 before the end of the expo, I will uphold the price of $325 for you, thereafter my fees are going up to $350 due to inflation of costs. I will be taking booking forms with me and facilities to pay your deposit.

See you all there 🙂

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