Contraindications to Placenta Encapsulation.

There are several contraindications that would deem a placenta unable to be encapsulated.

  • Chorioamnionitis (infection of the membranes).
  • Maternal infection during or immediately following labor and delivery.
  • Neonatal infection within the first 48 hours postpartum.
  • Improper storage  of the placenta.
    • Not placed on ice within 2 hours of delivery.
    • Refrigerated longer than 48 hours before being frozen.
    • Placenta not kept under 40°F for the entire storage
  • Active infections that may be reacquired.
    • Lyme Disease
    • Clostridium difficile, commonly referred to as C. Diff

The Traditional Method of preparation is the most common method for Professional Placenta Service Providers. The APPA approved Traditional Method is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine but it is not directly the same as it has been historically prepared. This method, which we call the Traditional Method, can involve steaming with the warming and tonifying herbs lemon, ginger, and hot pepper when food sensitivities are not present. The lemon and pepper in this version come from midwife Raven Lang’s method as taught to her by Dr. Miriam Lee, a nurse midwife from China and one of the first licensed acupuncturists in California, with whom Raven apprenticed with for 3 years in the early 80’s.

The major difference with Raw is that the raw method for encapsulation skips the steaming part entirely so raw placenta is dehydrated vs steamed placenta. This increases the drying/processing time. Those who choose the raw method tend to feel that the ‘essence’ of the placenta is preserved this way and that enzymes are retained since steaming can destroy them. It is also felt that this is the more ‘potent’ of the two methods.

We know GBS is killed with wet heat that is applied at temperatures at least 55°C (131°F) for at least 30 minutes. When prepared with the traditional method you are required to heat the placenta to at least 160°F and then dehydrate. We can scientifically prove that the traditional method of preparation is safe if GBS is present.

Information from APPA.


Beautiful Review 23/2/18

I am also due to take my last capsule tomorrow which is a good time to reflect on things. I’m quite devastated that they’ve finished. I feel it sort of marks another chapter…

Being a first time mum I have nothing to compare this pregnancy, labour and experience of being a mum to but I would absolutely get my placenta encapsulated again. I hoped for a natural birth but ended up needing an emergency caesarean, and I am so glad I had chosen to do this, as a natural way to help me recover. My physical recovery has been brilliant, emotionally it’s been challenging but I’ve got there and now feel confident and content. I thankfully have been able to breastfeed my boy and have had a plentiful milk supply! My hair and nails are still strong, as is my mind!

I had heard of people doing all weird and wonderful things with their placenta and never thought I would. But when I got pregnant and met you at the baby expo, I did some research and it just felt right to do this. I didn’t tell many others- not for fear of judgement but this was something for me and my baby, and my partner wholeheartedly supported me.

Thank you for your amazing work and wonderful service, for ensuring that my placenta was safe and well cared for, for delivering me my capsules despite me hot-footing it from the hospital as quick I could, for the quartz crystal which hangs by my babies cot and for checking in with me in the days and weeks following my baby’s birth.  You have a beautiful soul. I would absolutely recommend your service to anyone and will be in touch when I am pregnant again! (Thinking of baby number two already- that’s got to be a good sign!!!)

Blog Post!

Here’s my Blog post for anyone who hasn’t seen/read it. I’m a member of a great website called Wholehearted family health, put together by my lovely friend Andrea. She had a vision of having a one-stop shop for mums to be able to find all the businesses & practitioners they might need in pregnancy, postpartum and as a new mummy. Go check it out!

Another gorgeous placenta experience 💖 14.1.18

I couldn’t recommend encapsulating enough! 

I struggled so bad with hormones during my pregnancy so was looking to do anything I could to reduce the effects of the dreaded baby blues! I was recommended to Jen and from the minute I messaged her it was so easy! I ended up having my baby 4 weeks early but Jen was literally a text away! She came in to see me and already had the placenta safe ready to go home! The next day she was back with my tablets and a few other little gifts! 
Jen was a pleasure to deal with, so friendly and helpful! 
I have been taking the tablets for just two weeks and I have so much more energy ( even with night feeds and couch sleeps! ) I’m generally happier, I just feel so good! 
Worth every single cent! 
Thank you so much Jen!! 

5 Star Review 5/12/17💖

Having my placenta encapsulated has been an amazing experience, this was something I was always interested in doing with baby number one, however didn’t know enough about the process to take the plunge! Baby number two came along and I was incredibly lucky to have met Jenny to assist me with my placenta encapsulation. I have been taking my pills now for four weeks. They have been extremely beneficial with increasing my energy levels, which I’m forever thankful for as I have a very active 3year old.My milk supply is in overdrive which Is great as I have a very happy & healthy baby And has allowed me more freedom with being able to express!
I’m so thankful I choose Jenny to guide me through this process,
Your kind gentle nature and wealth of knowledge made this decision a breeze, and I will be forever great full. Xx