Transparency makes my business different.

Transparency makes my business different.

In the last month I have been made more aware of a certain trader in our business. As this field is not yet regulated by a governing body like my Midwifery registration, some traders can come in all shapes and sizes. There are the ones that practice unsafely, being taught via YouTube and those that are trained by an official body, but do not keep up with their yearly certification and lie to you to make money and paint their business as the best above all other’s, which is very dishonest.

I take pride in my certification and just yesterday updated my yearly subscription, which includes changes to safe protocols, being made aware of recent research and guidelines so that I can provide the best service to all of you.

This particular business I’ve become aware of has been informing women that they are the only professional business in the whole of Australia and they’ve been approved by the WA Council (there is no council that approves our business as yet as its not regulated yet) and that the rest of us are basically cowboys. We are very professional specialists in the field of Placenta Encapsulation and we actually support each other within the associations we are part of, we all have been very upset with the slander of our businesses. Unfortunately, because this field is not yet regulated the only thing I can do is educate you to seek and ask the right questions of each specialist you choose to process your placenta.

1. Ask about their qualifications. The three main training bodies are APPA, PbiU & IPEN

2. Ask to see certificates. These should be updated yearly. Also ask to see Blood-borne Pathogens certificate.

3. If there are staff within the business, they should also be trained by APPA, PBiU, IPEN, a certified person cannot train another themselves, they must also be trained by an official body. Guidelines are designed by these official trainers for a reason, you cannot pass them off as your own, its unsafe and just unprofessional.

4. Ask for pictures of their placenta work space, it should be stainless steel restaurant kitchen quality.

5. Check out and for listings of Placenta Encapsulation Specialists in your area, you can trust in these practitioners!

You deserve a Placenta Specialist who is transparent and willing to answer any questions you have or show you anything that reassures you of the excellent service you will be provided.
I am transparent, I show all my certificates and pictures of my work space, all of these can be seen on my website. I am open and honest, I’m so proud of my business, and I want to ensure you get the very best service!
Rant over😘

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