Beautiful Review 23/2/18

I am also due to take my last capsule tomorrow which is a good time to reflect on things. I’m quite devastated that they’ve finished. I feel it sort of marks another chapter…

Being a first time mum I have nothing to compare this pregnancy, labour and experience of being a mum to but I would absolutely get my placenta encapsulated again. I hoped for a natural birth but ended up needing an emergency caesarean, and I am so glad I had chosen to do this, as a natural way to help me recover. My physical recovery has been brilliant, emotionally it’s been challenging but I’ve got there and now feel confident and content. I thankfully have been able to breastfeed my boy and have had a plentiful milk supply! My hair and nails are still strong, as is my mind!

I had heard of people doing all weird and wonderful things with their placenta and never thought I would. But when I got pregnant and met you at the baby expo, I did some research and it just felt right to do this. I didn’t tell many others- not for fear of judgement but this was something for me and my baby, and my partner wholeheartedly supported me.

Thank you for your amazing work and wonderful service, for ensuring that my placenta was safe and well cared for, for delivering me my capsules despite me hot-footing it from the hospital as quick I could, for the quartz crystal which hangs by my babies cot and for checking in with me in the days and weeks following my baby’s birth.  You have a beautiful soul. I would absolutely recommend your service to anyone and will be in touch when I am pregnant again! (Thinking of baby number two already- that’s got to be a good sign!!!)

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