Feeling Excited! 31/7/17

Feeling Excited! 31/7/17


I have been getting everything planned and ready for the Baby Expo this year with my lovely friend Jane Stanley from Birtherapy. We are in collaboration to provide all year round availability service for you lovely women, because we know that we can provide the best service for you. We have a chance for you to win a free placenta encapsulation from each of us, so come down and register your interest. We also has a 10% voucher in our info packs for you.

I am so excited by Placenta Encapsulation because I hear so much positivity from my clients after they have experienced it for themselves. The reviews I receive mean so much to me and make me even more passionate to share this service with more of you. Here’s hoping that the power of the word will be spread and you will be willing to give it a try.

See you down at the expo ladies 11th-13th August!

Find us on the Perth Pregnancy Centre stand!

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